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23 March 2004

Electronic documents

Below is a list of documents available in electronic format that contain background material for the proposed publication. The list is intended to be suggestive but not comprehensive. The list will evolve as the discussion on the publication progresses and other materials are recommended by the Steering Committee for inclusion.

Chakravarty, Satya R., Ravi Kanbur and Diganta Mukherjee, Population growth and poverty measurement (June 2002)

Coudouel Aline, Jesko S. Hentschel, and Quentin T. Wodon, Poverty Measurement and Analysis

David Isidoro P, On Comparability of Poverty Statistics From Different Sources and Dissagregation Levels (November 2002)

David Isidoro P, Issues in estimating the Poverty Line (May 2001)

David Isidoro P, Poverty Statistics and Indicators: How often should they be measured? (August 2000)

Deaton Angus, Measuring poverty in a growing world (or measuring growth in a poor world); First version June 2003

Deaton Angus, How to monitor poverty for the Millennium Development Goals (March 2003)

Deaton Angus, Counting the World's Poor: Problems and Possible Solutions (Fall 2001)

Dikhanov, Y. and M. Ward, Counting The Poor More Comprehensively (The Evolution of the Global Distribution of Income; ISI General Conference, Seoul, Rep. of Korea, August 2001)

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rural poverty Report 2001- The Challenge of ending Rural Poverty

Kanbur, Ravi, and Diganta Mukherjee, Premature Mortality and Poverty Measurement (March 2003)

Kanbur, Ravi, Qual-Quant, Qualitative and Quantitative Poverty Appraisal: Complementarites, tensions and the way forward (Contributions to a Workshop held at Cornell University, March 2001)

Kanbur, Ravi and Lyn Squire, The Evolution of Thinking About Poverty: Exploring the Interactions (September 1999)

Laderchi, Caterina Ruggeri, Ruhi Saith and Frances Stewart, Everyone agrees we need poverty reduction, but not what this means: does this matter? (May 2003)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNECLAC), Brazilian Institute for Applied Economic Research, Meeting the Millennium Poverty Reduction Targets in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2002). English, Spanish.

United Nations, Provisional Guidelines on Statistics of the Distribution of Income, Consumption and Accumulation of Households (1977) - English, French, Spanish

United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD),, Target 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger (2003). English, French)

World Bank, Distribution of income or consumption (World Development Indicators, 2002)

World Bank, Population below national and international poverty lines and poverty gap (World Development Indicators, 2003)