From "edited selection of points in complaint" to BBC.
11 July 2013

...4. "Goal for access to clean water has already been reached" conflates MDG 7 (environmental sustainability), target 7C (safe drinking water/sanitation) and indicator 7.8 (improved drinking water).  It thus overstates progress in terms of both number of goals met, and evidence for the water being clean.

The official monitors' research is in fact on "improved", not "clean" water sources:

...7. All three "related stories" conflate goals with targets and/or indicators, wrongly claiming that poverty or water goals were met.


BBC reply to complaint
25 July 2013

...Taking your points in order:

1) We have added the word 'targets' into the line about 2015 deadline.

3) The $1.25 (83p) a day figure is the one given in the report itself. Having had a look through the UN reports I can't see a specific definition saying that the measure is what can be bought in the US for $1.25 - if you have a link please send it on...

4) The clean water reference has been changed to "improved sources of water".

[MB: It is still clearly misleading - "The Millennium Development Goal target for access to improved sources of water has already been reached" ]

6) That reference has been removed.

7) The reference to the poverty line has been amended in the news story amongst the "related stories". The other two are David Loyn authored pieces - I've passed your email on to him to consider whether his piece needs amending.